Has Your Injury Returned?

Has Your Work-Related Injury Returned?

Just like a new injury, one that is aggravated requires additional medical attention and can leave you unable to work.

It's natural to assume that once your workers' compensation claim has been approved, the process is over. An insurance company may even tell you as much. This is not true.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey Klemp LLC, our goal is to help make sure the workers' compensation system works for you the way it should. You may be entitled to benefits, even years later.

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Does Your New Pain Relate to an Old Work Injury? 

If you're experiencing pain related to an old work injury, you may have a claim. Under the Wisconsin Workers' Compensation Act, your claim stays open for a minimum of 6 years. Claims for certain types of injuries remain open for life. A claim can only be closed by a judge either through settlement or after a hearing.

Do not listen to an insurance company when they say that your case has been closed. If they have, it is time to talk with Jeffrey Klemp.

Contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey Klemp LLC if you:
  • Began experiencing pain after returning to work, even years later.
  • Got a new job that aggravates an old work injury.
  • Suffered a new injury at work that aggravated an old one.
  • Suffered an injury at home that aggravated an old work injury.
  • Received permanent partial disability benefits, but your condition has gotten worse.
  • Suffered a new injury at work with new pain.

When Your Injury Returns

The Law Offices of Jeffrey Klemp LLC work hard for injured workers in Eau Claire and throughout the Chippewa Valley. We encourage you to contact us even if you're unsure about the status of your case.
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The Law Offices of Jeffrey Klemp LLC is experienced in handling claims regarding surgical injury or job loss because of your work injury.
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