Were Your Benefits Cut?

Were Your Benefits Cut?

Let's face it. Nothing can be more stressful than finding out that your workers' compensation benefits have been stopped when you need them most.

In fact, many people don't know that the insurance company is paying them less than they should be receiving. The Law Offices of Jeffrey Klemp LLC will take the time to help you if you have been treated unfairly under the Wisconsin workers' compensation system.

As a former insurance defense attorney, Jeffrey Klemp knows what tactics they employ and how to develop a case that will frighten them. Let us help you get the benefits you are entitled to under the law. Call 715-514-1999 for your FREE consultation.

Insurance Companies Hire Their Own Physicians

Adding the word "independent" to a medical examination does not make it so. Insurance companies hire their own doctors to complete IMEs. They're paid to represent the interests of the insurance company, not yours. We will use our 25 years of experience to stand up for you and your rights. 

How Do You Know When Your Benefits Have Been Cut?

An insurance company does not have to deny or end your benefits entirely for them to be considered "cut." When an insurance company pays you anything less than your doctor says you need, your benefits have been cut. This includes:
  • Refusing to cover a surgical procedure your doctor schedules
  • Paying you 2% permanent partial disability when your doctor said you lost 15 percent function
  • Alleging that you can perform gainful activity when your doctor has determined you are permanently disabled
  • Claiming workers' compensation laws do not provide for physical therapy or massage treatments
  • Terminating your benefits because an IME doctor says you are ready to return to work
  • Saying your case is closed when your injury returns or worsens
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Are you unsure if you are getting the benefits that you deserve? If so, let the Law Offices of Jeffrey Klemp LLC review your case FREE of charge. We open our doors to those who are already receiving benefits but are getting less than they deserve.
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