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Injury at work

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If you have suffered an injury at work or an illness, you are entitled to worker's compensation benefits in the state of Wisconsin. Let the Law Offices of Jeffrey Klemp LLC help get you the financial compensation you deserve.
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Injury at work

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Jeffrey Klemp can help you from being abused under the workers' compensation system. Workers' compensation is the only thing we do. We have the experience and the resources.
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Don't let your workers' compensation benefits be cut when you need them most. Our team knows the tactics that insurance companies use and can develop a case that will get you the benefits you deserve.
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Workers' compensation covers all types of injuries. If you have had surgery, contact us. If you were cut before surgery or need another one, call Jeffrey Klemp. Our team focuses on larger claims such as surgical injuries or losing your job because of your work injury. We realize this can be financially devastating to you. If you have a back injury or have had hip, shoulder, neck, or knee surgery, we can help.

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